About me

I'm a web developer with 5 years' experience. I work on projects as a Front-End and Back-End developer. as a Front-End developer, I'm Fluent in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SCSS, Javascript, jQuery, Vuejs, and as a Back-End developer, I'm fluent in PHP, WordPress, and Laravel. I have experience with implemented panels by Vuejs and by Laravel and Blade also I have experience with WordPress that I implement custom themes with that and I can convert an Xd, PSD, or Figma design to a WordPress website. because of working with a lot of teams, I can work with Trello and Git, I like mountaineering that's why I go to the mount every week. Responsibility is my most important characteristic.

29 years old
Web developer
On time
Book reader
Ice cream lover

My Job Method

I have a method to do your project and it can help me and you to have a plan for contact together. with this method, your project can be getting on the right track. we can understand each other and finally, we have a high-quality product. The steps of this method are as follows:

First Contact

We must talk together to start

the first contact is important because we can understand if we want to work together or not. we can be familiarized together and know about our personality traits. also, we can get an overview of the project and how we work together.

Send a Questionnaire

I want to know some information about your project

I send you a questionnaire that is consists of a list of questions that specify:

  • what do you want?
  • what is your requirement for this project?
  • what kind of technologies and tools and languages do you want to be used?
  • what is your purpose to create this website?
  • what is your favorite main color for your website?
  • etc

I will analyze your requirements and say what is the best plan and design and technology and etc for developing your website.

Steps and Schedule

I specify some steps to reach the goal

I specify several steps and assign a deadline to each step. at the end of each step, I deliver you the product and you can give me feedback to continue working and I will do this feedback and we can go on next step. we continue this structure for all of the steps until the end of project.

Website Delivery

I deliver to you your website to enjoy it :)

I deliver your website that has high quality and speed. I will give you all of the guides that you need to run and use the website on the world wide web. I will answer all of your questions and will be with you all the time. I guarantee the developed website 100%. I will support you all the time.

My Services

Front-End Developer

I can work as a Front-End developer that can convert an Xd/PSD/Figma design to an HTML template that is responsive for all the devices like Laptop, Tablet, mobile, and etc. also I have good experience with javascript that is the heart of Front-End in my opinion. also, I can work with the Vuejs framework very easily and I'm an expert in that. also, I can work easily with Vuex, VueRouter, Vuetify, and Nuxt.js.

Back-End Developer

I can work as a Back-End developer. I can work with PHP pure to developing web applications and websites. also, I can work with Laravel framework and Blade professionally. I can implement admin panel and website pages with Laravel. I can design a relational database and implement that using MySQL according to your project.

Wordpress Developer

I can work as a WordPress developer. I can convert an Xd/PSD/Figma design to a WordPress theme that is responsive for all the devices like laptops, tablets, mobile, etc. I can be given non-programmer users access to change the content of the website by the admin panel easily. also, I can set up a WordPress website on a server.